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September 3, 2017: Dee Dee Dougherty calling - Club of the Month Dance:  Committee = Donna Behnke, Frank and Donna Galiger, Bruce and Joyce Genrich = casseroles and salads

September 17, 2017:  Amanda Herdt calling - New Dancer Dance:  Committee = Lloyd and Mary Houle, Buck and Barb Melton, John and Sharon Powilaites = tailgate party

October 1, 2017:  Gordy Ziemann calling:  Committee = John Berg, Greg and Joanne Farabaugh, Lloyd and Mary Houle = Potato dishes

October 22, 2017: Fall Dinner Dance:  Butch Danielski calling:  Committee = All members = Chicken and planned pot luck

November 5, 2017:  Scott Campbell calling:  Committee = Del and Betty Adams, Frank and Donna Galiger, David and Sandy Webb = Mexican themed pot luck

November 19, 2017:  No dance

December 3, 2017:  Eric Tangman calling:  Committee = Bruce and Mary Arnestad, Nancy Seefeldt, Tom and Helen Fetterly = Chili dump

December 17, 2017:  Mary Houle calling:  Committee = Russ and Cele Ross, Rosie Wolbrink, Monica Peterson, Clarence Pelkey = Christmas and holiday favorites

January 1, 2018:  New Year's Day at Menominee Township Hall:   Scott Campbell calling:  Committee = All Members = Planned pot luck

January 7, 2018:  Leslie VanNover calling:  Committee = Ray Darga, Mel and Brenda Levin, Buck and Barb Melton = Ethnic night

January 28, 2018: Date change -  Leslie VanNover calling:  Committee = Lloyd and Mary Houle, Bruce and Joyce Genrich, Joann Hieshetter = Hobo stew

February 4, 2018:  Mike Seurer calling:  Committee = John Berg, Jeff and Donna Green, Donna Behnke = Soup and sandwich pot luck

February 18, 2018:  Club of the Month Dance - Warren Gruetzmacher calling:  Committee = Bruce and Mary Arnestad, Greg and Joanne Farabaugh = Taco bar

March 4, 2018:  Randy Tans calling:  Committee = John and Sharon Powilaites, Rosie Wolbrink, Del and Betty Adams = Chinese themed pot luck

March 18, 2018:  Mary Houle calling - Annual Meeting:  Committee = Tom and Helen Fetterly, Nancy Seefeldt,  Ray Darga = Anything pot luck

April 8, 2018:  Spring Fling at the school:  Don and Doug Sprosty calling:  Committee = All members = Ham, rolls and a planned pot luck

April 15, 2018:  Warren Gruetzmacher calling:  Monica Peterson, Clarence Pelkey, David and Sandy Webb, Cele and Russ Ross = German themed pot luck

May 1, 2018:  Mary Houle calling:  Committee = Buck and Barb Melton, Bruce and Joyce Genrich = Ice cream sundaes and snacks

May 15, 2018:   Burch Danielski calling:  Committee = Frank and Donna Galiger, Mel and Brenda Levin = Finger foods

June 5, 2018:   Noah Siegmann calling:  Committee = Del and Betty Adams, Jeff and Donna Green, Joann Hieshetter =  Hors d'oeuvres

June 19, 2018:  Eric Tangman calling:  Committee = Rosie Wolbrink, Donna Behnke, John Berg Ray Darga = Strawberry shortcakes and snacks

Dances in July and August will be held at the Menominee Township Hall, N2283 O-1 Dr., Menominee, MI (Unless otherwise announced)

July 3, 2018:  No dance

July 17, 2018:  Bob Asp calling:  Committee = Tom and Helen Fetterly, Nancy Seefeldt, John and Sharon Powilaites = Root beer floats and snacks

August 7, 2018:  TBA:  Committee = Lloyd and Mary Houle, Mel and Brenda Levin = Fresh fruit and snacks

August 21, 2018 (6:00 supper):  Summer picnic at Menominee Township Hall:  Scott Campbell calling: Committee = All members - Planned picnic pot luck